Next to the PBS campus, there is also a dormitory which could be available for conference guests (no students in September).




ul. Konarskiego 9,

85-066 Bydgoszcz

[Booking link]



City Hotel



ul. 3 Maja 6,

85-016 Bydgoszcz

[Booking link]


Book using the password 'Esorics':

  • Single room: 320 PLN
  • Double room: 430 PLN

Gross price including breakfast.

Room pool available until June 30, 2024, 

afterwards price guarantee is not assured.


Słoneczny Młyn



ul. Jagiellońska 96,

85-066 Bydgoszcz

[Booking link]






ul. Focha 20,

85-070 Bydgoszcz

[Booking link]



Holiday Inn



ul. Grodzka 36,

85-109 Bydgoszcz

[Booking link]






ul. Jagiellońska 59,

85-027 Bydgoszcz

[Booking link]



Hostel Ratuszowy



ul. Długa 37,

85-034 Bydgoszcz

[Booking link]

Here are some hotels you may pick for your stay in Bydgoszcz:


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