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What is where


  • Bydgoszcz is well-connected via a net of Light Tram Lines
  • <30 minutes from City center to PBS premises

By plane:

Kraków - 1h 10 m

Warszawa - 50 m


By train:

Gdańsk - 1h 45m

Poznań - 1h 30m

Warszawa -  2h 50m


By bus:

Gdańsk - 2h 10m

Poznań - 2h

Warszawa: 3h 40m

Three nearby cities: Gdańsk with 72 destinations, Poznań with 46 and Warsaw with 131 have well-communicated airports and fast train connections to Bydgoszcz (<2h for Gdańsk and Poznań, <3h for Warsaw).

Conference Venue


Politechnika Bydgoska im. Jana i Jędrzeja Śniadeckich

Al. prof. S. Kaliskiego 7

85-796 Bydgoszcz 


Getting to Bydgoszcz - surprisingly easy


Direct to Bydgoszcz: Bydgoszcz has its own airport, which maintains connections, with, among others, London, Dublin, Warsaw and Kraków.

Travel Information

Last updated on November 08, 2023

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